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You are not alone. Over six million U.S. couples face infertility each year. While the road ahead may seem daunting, you can count on Dr. Jennifer Almonte to walk with you every step of the way.


Guiding you through every stage of life

There are a variety of reasons a woman can be infertile:

  • Damage to the fallopian tubes

  • Hormonal Causes

  • Ovulation Disorders

  • Uterine or Cervical Abnormalities

  • Ovarian Insufficiency

  • Pelvic Adhesions

  • Thyroid Problems

  • Cancer and its treatment

  • Certain Medications

Mother and Baby

We can help

Our staff will offer the tools and support that you need to get through this challenging time. We will complete a thorough evaluation, review our findings, and make recommendations for infertility treatment.

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